California: Inside the Home
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Lesson: Inside the Home

Setting the scene:

      Mel and Wes enter their home in Mira Mesa, California. They are standing in the living room. At the same time, their mother is cooking in the kitchen.
      The living room has a large screen TV [television], piano, couch [also called a sofa], four comfortable chairs, a coffee table [small table], floor lamp, and two end tables [very small tables] with a lamp on each table. A few paintings are on the walls and a fireplace is in the center of one wall.

People in This Story:
  • Mel; Mom; Wes
  • Brand Name or Company Name item is in green.
  • Slang terms are linked to the Slang Dictionary. Click on the term to view its meaning.
  • "Speed Talk" is in pink; meaning is in [brackets].


    Wes:       Hi, Mom! Weíre home. Where are ya [you]?

    Mom:      In the kitchen. Did you get all the things I need for tonight?

    [Mel and Wes walk into the kitchen with the groceries they bought.]

    Mel:       Yes, we found everything you asked for.

    Wes:       Whatcha doiní, Mom? [What are you doing, Mother?]
                    [Another common way of saying this is: Whatíer ya doiní, Mom?]

    Mel:       Whadaya [What do you] think sheís doing? Sheís making dinner.

    Mom:      Thatís right, son. Please put the things in the fridge [refrigerator] and wash your hands. I need your help cutting the potatoes.

    Mel:       Iíll be glad to help, Mom. We bought donuts for Dad.

    Mom:      Oh, heíll like that, even though heís already a bit too fat.

    Wes:       Yeah, he doesnít get enough exercise. Which reminds me. Can I play basketball in the park with the guys?

    Mom:      All right. Just be sure to come home at six for dinner.

    Wes:       OK, See ya later.

    [Wes runs out of the house.]

    Mel:       Well, we wonít see him help put things away now. Looks like I do the work, as usual.

    Mom:      Donít be so grumpy [upset]. Iíll make him clean the dishes after we eat.

    Mel:       Good! I have a lot of homework to do for school tomorrow.

    [Mel deposits frozen food in the freezer. She then places vegetables and fruit in the refrigerator. Finally, she opens a cupboard door and puts canned and other dry food inside. After closing the cupboard door, Mel begins to peel and cut potatoes for her mother.]

    Mom:      Thank you for all your help, Mel. Iíll finish preparing the meal if youíll set the table.

    Mel:       Sure. Should I use the fancy dishes or just the regular stuff?

    Mom:      The normal, everyday dishes will be fine. Weíre not having special guests over tonight. I want to finish early so we can spend the evening as a family. Your father plans to have us all talk about where we want to go on our vacation.

    Mel:       How about Europe? I always wanted to see the Swiss alps.

    Mom:      I donít think we have the money for that this year. But you can ask anyway. Is the table set?

    Mel:       Just a sec. Iím almost there.

    [Mel and her mother continue chatting. Meanwhile, Wes has gone outside to play ball in the park. Click here to see the following story: At the Park]

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