California: At the Park
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Lesson: At the Park

Setting the scene:

      Wes and Jeff meet at the basketball court in the Mira Mesa Park. In another section of the park, some people are playing a game of baseball. Near the outdoor basketball court is a brick recreation building, which includes an indoor basketball court.
      Families sit at tables in the park, enjoying a picnic. One boy throws a frisbee to his dog. Mothers watch their young children play on swings in a sandy playground.

People in This Story:
  • Billy; Jeff; Mel; Wes
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    Jeff:       Yo, Wes. Didnít think youíd be able to play.

    Wes:       Yeah, me too. But I already finished my homework and weíre not eating for another two hours.

    Jeff:       Great! That means we can scrounge up a game with some of the guys. You bring a ball? [Did you bring a ball?]

    Wes:       Nope. Itís no big deal, 'cause [because] I see Billy coming with one. Howz 'bout [How about] asking him to join us?

    Jeff:       OK, man. Sounds good to me.

    [Billy dribbles a ball on the court as he talks to the other boys.]

    Wes:       Hi, Billy. You wanna [want to] get up a game with us?

    Billy:      Sure. Why not? But I got a bunch of buddies coming later.

    Jeff:       Thatís even better. We need more guys for a fun game. Is that them over there?

    [Jeff points to a group of boys near the drinking fountain. Two girls are talking with the boys.]

    Billy:       Yup, thatís them. Looks like Suzie and Pam are trying to hustle dates.

    Wes:      Waste of time. Basketball is a lot more fun than taking out girls.

    Jeff:       Well, at least itís cheaper. Those two girls always expect an expensive date. Come on, forget about that. Letís play ball!

    [The boys practice ball fifteen minutes. Once the other boys arrive, they decide who will play on each team. An exciting and fast game takes one hour. During the last five minutes, Mel arrives to call Wes home.]

    Mel:       Wes, time to go home. [It is time to return home.]

    Wes:       Huh? Time already? OK, we just finished.

    Mel:       I saw you make that last basket. It was a fantastic shot! Did you win the game?

    Wes:       Yeah, we whipped the other team. I feel tired but happy. I guess Iím hungry, too.

    Mel:       You better take a shower before dinner or Mom will squawk.

    Wes:       I know. Anyway, I want a long, hot one. See ya later, guys.

    [The sun is setting as Mel and Wes walk back home. A few fat clouds drift in the sky, reflecting streaks of red and orange. A full moon already is beginning to shine over the horizon. Shadows from many trees in the park grow longer as the sun sets. Crickets sound in dark bushes. Click here to see the following story: Dinner at Home.]

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