Louisiana: Madi Gras
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Lesson: Madi Gras in New Orleans

Setting the scene:

      The family takes a break in New Orleans. They meet a black friend named Rose, who shows them local modern and historical sites.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Mel; Mom; Rose; Wes;
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    Rose:     Well, it's about time you came!

    Dad:       Hello to you, Rose. Thanks for meeting us. Please don't take off my head. It's my fault that we're late.

    Rose:     Now, if that don't beat all! Should have known you'd be the slowpoke. We might could get to New Orleans on time if we leave right quick.

    Wes:     [Laughing] She's got your number, Dad.

    Dad:       Hah! Very funny. Everyone get in the Land Rover. Rose will drive.

    Rose:     Darn right I'm driving! This is my vehicle and no one else is driving it. Another thing--I better not hear any back-seat drivers.

    [Rose points out the Mississippi River on their way to the city center.]

    Wes:     That must be the Superdome. Rose, are the Saints [professional football team] any good this year? I heard they stink.

    Rose:     You heard wrong. They're pretty good. Oh, here we are at Bourbon Street.

    Mom:     It doesn't look very crowded now. I thought we were coming for Mardi Gras.
    Rose:     It's on "Fat Tuesday."

    Mel:       So, we have a couple of days more to wait. Whadder we gonna [What are we going to] do before then?

    Rose:     I'll take you to Lafayette Square and ...

    Dad:       [Interrupting] And we have time to tour the 1815 battlefield.

    Wes:     That was where Andrew Jackson whipped a large British invasion force.

    Mel:       Oh brother, we should have known that Dad would find another battlefield to visit.

    Rose:     He's a real pistol. [Laughing] C'mon, let's get out and look around.

    Mom:     That's a good idea. We should stretch our legs.

    [They wander down side streets and later ride on a streetcar before resting for the night. After the Madi Gras festival, Rose takes the family to New Orleans international airport.]

    Rose:     Best wishes to y'all in those foreign lands. Won't see me in such places. I couldn't get any shrimp gumbo or crawdads to eat.

    Mom:     Goodbye to you also, Rose. We'll miss gabbing with you.

    [Once again the family is scheduled to fly over the Pacific Ocean. This time it is to Japan. Click here to see the following story: Peaceful Garden in Tokyo.]

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