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Story Information:
First Composed: 2012
First Published: 2012
Location: Long Island and New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan
Writer: Robert Goldsborough

Victim #1: Barney Haskell
Murderer: Calvin Bagley and Chester Bagley
Motive: Knew about the kidnapping
Weapon: Pistol bullet to body
Client: Wolfe's self esteem
Fee: None

Victim #2: Charles Bell
Murderer: Calvin Bagley and Chester Bagley
Motive: Demanded greater share of ransom money
Weapon: Pistol bullet to body
Client: Burke Williamson
Fee: Unspecified (in addition to resolve kidnapping)

Story Synopsis:
      Robert Goldsborough story #8 about Nero Wolfe's exploits. This episode actually is a prequel to all other Rex Stout stories, as it purports to relate how Archie Goodwin first started working for Wolfe. The story was interesting, but Goldsborough's dialog throughout the book was forced and pedantic.
      According to this story, Archie initially worked for Del Bascom. Wolfe used him as an operative to help resolve the kidnapping of Tommie, son of a millionaire named Burke Williamson. Archie devised a method to trick and apprehend the Bagley brothers. Other Wolfe operatives appeared in the story, such as Fred Durkin, Orrie Cather, and Saul Panzer. Wolfe also exposed Mary Trent's role as an accomplise to the kidnapping. She foolishly became enamored with Bell, which resulted in her getting a prison sentence.
      Wolfe became so impressed with Archie's actions and abilities that he offered a full-time job, which Archie eventually accepted.
Archie Meets Nero Wolfe
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