Cordially Invited to Meet Death
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Story Information:
First Composed: 1941
First Published: 1942
From Collection: Black Orchids
Location: New York City & upstate New York
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Bess Huddleston (at upstate NY home)
Murderer: Janet Nichols
Motive: Prevented her from marrying Lawrence Huddleston
Weapon: Tetanus in iodine bottle
Client: Bess Huddleston (to learn who was ruining her business)
Fee: None (felt obliged to avenge her death)

Story Synopsis:
      Nero Wolfe drops the Huddleston case upon learning of her death, but he furiously moves to expose the murderer because Inspector Cramer removes an invited dinner guest from his home. Archie Goodwin suspects another motive was that Wolfe knew Huddleston would be murdered and he failed to prevent it. Along with solving the case, Wolfe and Fritz Brenner are shown the secret of making corned beef hash by a southern belle who slips her arm around Wolfe's rotundity.
Cordially Invited to Meet Death
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