Death of a Doxy
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Story Information:
A&E Nero Wolfe Series (DVD Movie Collection)
Nero Wolfe: Complete Series (DVD TV Collection)
Alternate Title: Name
First Composed: 1966
First Published: 1966
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Isabel Kerr (in her NYC 39th St. apartment)
Murderer: Barry Fleming
Motive: Tried to stop his blackmailing
Weapon: Marble ashtray (to head)
Client #1: Orrie Cather
Client #2: Avery Ballou
Fee: Sense of obligation to Cather; $50,000 retainer from Ballou

Victim #2: Barry Fleming (in NYC home)
Murderer: Stella Fleming
Motive: Cover-up her sister's life style
Weapon: .22 Bristol automatic pistol (in head)
Client: Avery Ballou
Fee: Same as above; $50,000 to Amy Jackson

Story Synopsis:
      Though doubtful at first, Nero Wolfe and his operatives determine to prove the innocence of a colleague from a murder rap. Wolfe is favorably impressed with an outspoken nightclub singer who stays at his home after the murderer attempts to kill her. Fred Durkin is wounded while protecting the singer.
Death of a Doxy
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