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Full Name cmv Age Story Digraph Full Relationship Job Description Description
Dacos, Sarah m 28 DR   sec to Rachel Bruner Attractive; brunette; hazel eyes
Daggett, Mr     TM   Waiter at Kanawha Spa, WV Black
Dahlmann, Louis v 32 BM   on LBA staff Cocky
Damiano,     PG   Gazette rep  
Darby, John H.     MM   Lawyer to Gilbert Irving  
Daira     WW      
Darrow, Lina   26 BF   sec to Sarah Rackham Attractive; fine eyes; plays dumb
Darst,     AV   NYPD cop  
Darst, Bill     BF   sausage maker from Hackettstown, NJ
Darst, Carl   mid MW   Cab driver Balding; broad shoulders; husky voice; intelligent
Darst, Johnny     SS   Waldorf Hotel detective  
Dart, Adrian     PA   Actor  
Darth, Sidney     SB   Chairman North Atlantic Exposition; GLM Tired
Daumery, Bernard   28 MA Nephew of Jean Daumery   Impulsive
Daumery, Helen v young MA W of Jean Daumery Ex-model  
Daumery, Jean m mid MA H of Helen Daumery Man, salesman & head of Daumery & Nieder Clever; decisive; husky; large chin
Davies, Ross   mid 30s BP Campaign Man & speech writer to Orson Milbank Ex-army capt; healthy looking; stiff posture; take-charge type
Davis, Eugene     WW   Lawyer at Dunwoodie, Prescott & Davis A lush; brown eyes with a nervous blink; narrow nose; wide mouth
Davis, Martha     IE     See Martha Poor
Dawson, Earl     WW     Alias of Eugene Davis to Naomi Karn
Dawson, Luther   a60 OD   Lawyer to Harvey Greve Big; brawny; leathery; from Helena, MT
Day, Clarinda     DS   Beauty shop owner  
Dazzle Dan     SM     Comic strip character
Deffand, Mimi     DD DR FA FH OD   Cook/maid to Lily Rowen Blue eyes; chubby; round face
Degan, Patrick m 40s AD DS   MAWA head Paunch; round face; shifty brown eyes; wide nose
Delancey, Mrs     TC Paramour of Thomas Yeager    
Delaney, James R.     JP   DA at Culp's Meadows, NY  
Dell, Nate     IM   Sheriff  
Dell, Raymond     AB CM Tenant of Hattie Annis Actor Booms; deep-set blue-gray eyes; tall; thin; wavy white hair
Della     PB   Maid to Bernard Quest  
Demarest, Henry R.     MA   Executor of Paul Nieder estate; lawyer Pudgy
Denovo, Amy c 22 FH D of Elinor Denovo & Floyd Vance Researcher for Lily Rowen; Smith grad Attractive; brown hair; dimples; quick brown eyes; warm dark skin
Denovo, Elinor (aka Carlotta Vaughn) v   FH M of Amy Denovo VP at Raymond Thorne Productions, Inc Attractive; careful; pointed chin; proud; wide forehead
Derwin,   a40 F   assist DA Westchester Co, NY Pleasant looking; slicked dark hair
Devlin, Della     HR   Novelties purchasing agent Big ears
Devore,     TR   NYPD Capt  
Dexter, Solomon   a50 SS   BPR dep dir Blurter; like a lumberjack or statesman
Dexter, Thomas     PY   at Title House pub BPA; gray hair; long bony face; tall
Dickerson, Mr   old MW   Head of Correspondence Checkers section at Naylor-Kerr, Inc Watery eyes
Dickey,     HW   US Army Col  
Dickey, Margot m 20s CP Loves Kurt Bottweill Model at Bottweill's Blonde; pretty; shapely
Dickinson,     GW     Case that Cramer worked
Dickinson, Arthur     PG H of Louise Dickinson    
Dickinson, Louise     PG W of Arthur Dickinson    
Dickson, George     MA     Alias of Jean Daumery
Dietz, Herman     DS H of Mrs Dietz   Black eyes & hair; little; wiry
Dietz, Mrs     DS W of Herman Dietz   Large jaw; red hair; tall; white face
Dill, Wade G. m mid BO   Part owner of Rucker & Dill; Pres Atlantic Horticultural Society "Like a frog"; little; sharp eyes
Ditson, Cuyler     CI LM RB SB WW   Orchid judge & grower  
Dixie     NW   Diner owner & cook Makes good chili
Dixon,     AV RB   NYPD Capt Bald; big ears; eagle eyes; grunts; squirt
Dixon, Miss     MA   Clothing buyer Big ears; skinny
Dobbs, Mrs Robert   old AW   Landlady of Paul Fyfe  
Doggett, Frederick     MD   Banker at Continental Trust Co, Madison Ave branch, NYC  
Dolman, Ferdinand     MB   PI agency owner that AG used Bald; two chins; from Los Angeles, CA
Dolphin Corp     MH     Cover term AG used for Wolfe
Donahue, William A. v old MD     Brown hair & eyes
Donaldson, Mr     FO Ex-fiance of Dorothy Keyes Lawyer to Sigmund Keyes Strong feelings
Dondero, Sue   20s MB TB   sec to Emmett Phelps A big-mouth; nice temples; pretty
Donevitch, Peter   old OB Uncle of Stefan Donevitch Prince of Yugoslavia  
Donevitch, Stefan     OB Nephew of Peter Donevitch Prince of Yugoslavia  
Donevitch, Vladanka m young OB W of Stefan Donevitch; pretends to be D of Wolfe Princess of Yugoslavia Aloof; black eyes; eyes glitter; pointed chin; pretty; treacherous
Donofrio, Pasquale   d TM   Chef at The Eldorado in Madrid, Spain  
Donovan,     AD TB   NYPD Sgt at morgue  
Donovan,     MC   NYPD cop  
Donovan, Jimmy     NW   Lawyer to Leonard Ashe  
Donovan, T.R. c   IM   LA  
Donvaag, Ed     TR Neighbor of Victor Lindquist Farmer Husky voice; from Plainview, Nebraska
Dora   mid CO   at Grantham House Plump
Doris     FM MJ fd of Flora Gallant    
Dorsey,     BO   NYPD cop  
Doughery, Mrs     MA   Clothes buyer for Bullock's Wilshire  
Douglas, Roy m   NE Fiance of Ann Amory Pidgeon breeder Small chin
Dowd, Homer     OD   Owns Dowd Roofing Co from Timberburg, MT
Dowd, Vera     MH   Cook to Lucy Valdon Fat
Doyle,     EP   assist DA NYC  
Doyle, v   HW   PI operative of Cornwall & Mayer  
Doyle, Bill     HR   PI used by Saul Panzer Gaunt; pale
Doyle, Marve     F IE   NYPD cop  
Drake,     PB SC   NYPD inspector  
Drake, Dolly     RD     See Dolly Brooke
Draper, Mr     DR   FBI agent  
Draper, Mrs Charles     DM   VP of WNLA  
Drescher, Miss     PB   Superintendent at Softdown, Inc  
Drew, Carl     FM MJ   Businessman at Alec Gallant, Inc Well-arranged face
Dreyers, Eugene   d LM   Art dealer; LA  
Driscoll, Nathaniel   51 OB   Wealthy businessman Abrupt; bald eyebrows; fat; thick lips
Drogo, Giuseppe     TB   PI in Rome, Italy Chunky
Drossos, Mrs Anthea     GS M of Peter Drossos   Honest; little; skinny
Drossos, Peter c v 12 AD GS S of Mrs Anthea Drossos Cleans car windows Black eyes & hair; hates cops; wiry
Drucker, Otto     RD   PI in Racine, Wisconsin Distinguished; friendly eyes; neat face
Drummond, Alexander c   LM   Florist; LA "Like a duck"; thin mustache
DuBois, Armand   40s OD     Bushy brows; dark skin; from Denver, CO
Duchess of Rathkyn     RB      
Ducos, Leon   a80 FA F of Pierre Ducos   Frenchman; shriveled
Ducos, Lucile v   FA D of Pierre & GD of Leon Ducos Computer programmer at NYU; writer Good legs; nice brown hair; women's libber
Ducos, Pierre v 52 DR FA PG F of Lucile & S of Leon Ducos Waiter at Rusterman's Rest Proud
Duday, Viola "Vi"   mid PB   sec to Pres of Softdown, Inc Big ears; pleasant voice; power hungry; scrawny neck
Duffen, Arnold     BM   Lawyer to Oliver Buff  
Duffy, Jack     FD   Process server  
Duggan, m   AW     Man who murdered his wife in prior Wolfe case
Duggers, Effie T.     OD     from Timberburg, MT
Duke     BF Dog of Calvin Leeds   Dobberman Pincer
Duke, Blanche   20s MB   rec at Corrigan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs Attractive; tri-shade blond
Duke of Lozano     WW Ex-W of April Hawthorne   from Italy
Duncan, Amy c young BE Niece of Arthur Tingley sec to Leonard Cliff Chartreuse cheeks; pretty
Duncan, Meg   30 TC   Actress in "The Back Door to Heaven" Comely; offers $1,000 bribe to AG
Duncan, Mr     AV BF     Alias Arnold Zeck used to Wolfe
Dunn, Andrew "Andy"   24 WW S of John & June Dunn; B of Sara Dunn; loves Celia Fleet   Husky
Dunn, John Charles   mid WW H of June Dunn; F of Andrew & Sara Dunn Lawyer; US sec of State Deep-set eyes; stoop-shoulders; tall; wavy hair
Dunn [Hawthorne], June c 46 WW W of John Dunn; M of Sara & Andrew Dunn; sis of April, May & Noel Hawthorne Author of Riding Bare-back & Affairs of a Titmouse Graying hair; restless eyes; slender
Dunn, Sara   22 WW D of John & June Dunn; sis of Andrew Dunn Amateur photog Attractive; impetuous
Dunning, Ellen   a40 RM W of Roger Dunning Ex-cowgirl "Little faded"
Dunning, Roger m mid OD RM H of Ellen Dunning Rodeo promoter Long, narrow bony face; scar on jaw
Durkin, Beaky m   WK   Giants talent scout Crooked nose; small
Durkin, Elaine   young PG D of Fanny & Fred Durkin    
Durkin, Fanny   mid F W of Fred & M of Elaine Durkin   Italian
Durkin, Fred   mid Most     See Main Characters
Dusky, Diana     NE Pidgeon of Roy Douglas    
DuVal, Elisa c   BP 2nd w of Orson David Milbank; loved Orson Milbank Ex-Hollywood actress; neighbor of Lily Rowen dark blue eyes; good legs; lovely; self-assured; silky voice; wavy red hair
Dwyer, Liam     BP Rival of Franco Bacelli Mob boss  
Dykes, Ben   mid BF DT FD SC   Chief of Westchester Co detectives, NY Competent
Dykes, Leonard v 41 MB B of Peggy Potter Clerk/office Man at Corri-gan, Phelps, Kustin & Briggs; author of Put Not Your Trust No chin; popeyed
Dykes, Peggy     MB     See Peggy Potter
Eads, Nathan   d PB F of Priscilla Eads    
Eads, Priscilla v 24 PB TB Ex-W of Eric Hagh; D of Nathan Eads   Attractive; cautious; deep-set eyes
Eaton, Flora     OD Widow Servant at Lily Rowen's ranch Big-boned; from Lame Horse, MT
Eber, James L. v   DS   Ex-sec to Otis Jarrell Determined jaw
Echols, Richard     PY   Author of Hold Fast to All I Give You  
Eder, Max     CM Raymond Dell babysits his two children    
Edey, Frank   55 EM   Lawyer; partner in Lamon Otis firm Discreet; womanizer
Egan, Lawrence "Lips"     GS   Racketeer Dark hair; gray face; husky; saggy shoulders
Eggers, Lawrence H.     DS Client of Otis Jarrell    
Ehrlich, Sol     BM   Clerk to Nathaniel Parker  
Eisenstadt,     WM   NYPD cop  
Eisler, Wade v   RM   Wealthy investor Pudgy face; womanizer
Elga     FD   Maid to Althea Vail Smudged cheek; square face
Elkus, Leopold c   LM   LA; surgeon Big head; large hands; sad; strong black eyes
Ellen     BP   Ex-GF of Richard Thompson  
Ellie     BO fd of Rose Lasher    
Elliot, Mr     F   ed Metropolitan Medical Record Big; brusque; red face
Emerson, Connie   a35 SC W of Paul Emerson   Blonde; flirt; good tan
Emerson, Paul     SC H of Connie Emerson Radio commentator Cynical; skinny; small; sour
Emil     FD   Chauffeur to Althea Vail  
Ennis, Jack m 38 ZC   Diemaker Bony; colorless lips; tall; thin; wide mouth
Enright, Albert     SC   Head of Communist Party USA  
Epps, Beatrice   mid MH   sec at Quinn & Collins Flat nose; large chin
Ernest     FA   Waiter at Rusterman's  
Ernst, Mrs David A.     FH     Owns car that killed Elinor Denovo
Erskine, Edward Frank     SS S of Frank Thomas Erskine Ex-Air Force Brigadier Gen  
Erskine, Frank   a60 SS F of Edward Frank Erskine NIA Pres Bony; tall; thin
Erskine, Roland c   LM   Actor; LA; lead in "The Iron Heel" Offensive laugh
Ervin, Mortimer     GS   Gunman Enjoys killing; small
Escamillo     SB     Nickname Lily Rowen gave to AG
Estey, Jean m a30 GS   sec to Laura Fromm Comely; greenish-brown eyes
Eston, Joe     WK   Giants 2nd baseman  
Evarts, Tim     AW BM WM fd of AG assist security officer at Churchill Towers, NYC  
Evers,     OD   dep from Timberburg, MT
Evers, Adrian     DR   Pres Evers Electronics Glasses; neat face
Ewing, Adam   a40 RD   ROCC PR head Black; chip on shoulder; earnest; know-it-all
Faber,     TB   assist medical examiner at NYC morgue  
Faber, Fern   20s PA   Actress Dyed blonde; tall; wide lazy mouth
Faber, Kenneth v 28 MC Loved Susan McLeod Cartoonist Aggressive nose; blonde; chinless; supercilious; thin lips
Fabian, Mr     BD   Ex-boxer; racketeer Hoarse; large ears, eyes & mouth
Fairmount,     RB     Previous Wolfe case
Faison, Cass   45 RD   ROCC fundraiser Black; grins
Falk, Mr     BM   LBA exec Jutting jaw; tall
Falk, Theodore   a52 PG   CAN BD Deep tan; lean; limber
Farley, Ace     BP   Dodgers baseball pitcher  
Farnham, William T.     OD   Owns dude ranch Blunt; handsome; rugged; from Lame Horse, MT
Farquhar, James J.     PG   Banker at Trinity Fiduciary Deep tan
Farrell,     CP   assist NYC DA  
Farrell, Augustus c   LM   Architect; LA  
Farrow, Morton   31 G   at Blount Corp Booms; GC; tall
Feder, Sol     GW   Owns Feder Paper Co  
Fenner, Tom     SC   Janitor at Louis Rony apt Cringes; skinny; welterweight
Fenster, Julia     DR     Accused of espionage
Fentress, Charles m 30s BP H of Mona & s of Darryl Fentress Inherited Powell & Fentress Agency Arrogant; coward; drunk; good dancer; hot-temper; obnoxious; philanderer; phony; rich; short black hair; square jaw; tennis expert
Fentress, Darryl   dead BP F of Darryl Fentress Started Powell & Fentress Agency
Fentress, Mona m 30s BP w of Charles Fentress Press sec & lover of Orson Milbank; runs for NY senate Ambitious; good figure; long black hair; slender
Ferguson, Emmet   a50 MW   BD at Naylor-Kerr, Inc; lawyer Fancy dresser; obnoxious; pushy
Ferris, Gwynne   20s MW   sten at Naylor-Kerr, Inc Blabbermouth; blonde; blue eyes; lovely
Ferris, James Arthur     IM   Represents Universal Syndicate (oil) Bony jaws; skinny; small mouth; squnits; tall
Ferris, Noel  





Tenant of Hattie Annis Actor Bored; handsome; lazy brown eyes
Ferrone, Nick v young WK   Giants rookie 2nd baseman Big ears; lanky
Fickler, Joel     CK   Owns Goldenrod Barber shop, NYC Bald; narrow eyes; pudgy face; short
Fife, Mortimer     BT HW NE   Gen US Army Intelligence Brusque
Finch, James P.     MD     Alias that William Donahue used to Harland Ide
Finch, James P.     MD   Member Charity Funds Investigation Com  
Finch, Walter     MB     Alias used by Nathan Harris
Finkle,     OB   NYPD Sgt  
Fiore, Anna   a20 F RB TM     Homely; Italian; scared
Fisler, William     PB   Night doorman at Sarah Jaffee apt Dope
Fitch,     WK   Red Sox batter  
Flanagan, William     DD   NYPD cop at NYC prison
Flecher,     CK   Barber at Goldenrod Barber Shop, NYC  
Fleet, Celia   a18 WW Loves Andrew Dunn sec to April Hawthorne Blonde; pretty
Fleming, Barry m   DD H of Stella Fleming Blackmailer; math teacher Long face; Narrow shoulders & hips
Fleming, Pearl   young NW   Switchboard operator at Bagby Answers, Inc Long narrow face
Fleming [Kerr], Stella m 31 DD W of Barry Fleming   Brown hair & eyes; proud; round face; short
Fletcher,     CK   Former barber to Wolfe  
Fleury, Armand   d TM Taught Jerome Berin & Marko Vukcic Chef/owner of Fleury's in Paris, France  
Flick, Mack     MB     Pseudonym
Flick, Mark     MB     Pseudonym
Flint, Ernie     OB fd of AG Detective at Hotel Alexander, NYC  
Foltz, Marie     MH   Maid of Lucy Valdon Comely
Foltz, Slim     RB TR   NYPD cop  
Fomos, Andreas "Andy"     PB H of Margaret Fomos Waiter Black hair & skin; hot temper; muscle-bound
Fomos [Caselli], Margaret v   PB W of Andreas Fomos Maid of Priscilla Eads Loyal
Foote, Roger     DS B of Trella Jarrell Mooch Brawny; horse lover; large; wide face
Foote, Trella     DS     See Trella Jarrell
Foster,     BE   NYPD Sgt  
Foster,     BT   Capt US Army Intelligence  
Foster,     LM   Doctor  
Foster, Harry     F TR   Gazette rep  
Fougere, Paul     BW H of Rita Fougere VP Audivideo, Inc Handsome; jerk; loudmouth; shallow; squeaky voice
Fougere, Rita   24 BW W of Paul Fougere; marries Martin Kirk   Attractive; impelling hazel eyes; soft voice
Fox, Clara c 26 CO FO TR D of Gilbert & Lola Fox; loves Francis Horrocks Cable clerk at Seaboard Products Corp Attractive; brown hair & eyes; calm; nincompoop
Fox, Gilbert   d TR H of Lola & F of Clara Fox    
Fox, Lola   d TR W of Gilbert & M of Clara Fox    
Fox, Melvin     OD RM Loves Nan Karlin Ranch hand at Lily Rowen's ranch Big; from Lame Horse, MT
Fracard, Pierre     TR   Pres Horticultural Society of France  
Frank     SB   assist to Judge Hutchins from Crowfield, NY
Fraser,     IE   DA Westchester Co, NY  
Fraser [Oxhall], Madeline "Lina" c m a40 AV PG W of Lawrence Koppel Radio talk show host Gray-green eyes; slender; shrewd smile; tall
Frazee, Gertrude   60s BM   Pres WNLA Crooked lips; gray hair; hates makeup; tall; thin nose; ugly; from Los Angeles, CA
Frazer, Tom     MD   Staff member to Albert Hyatt  
Frazier, Gretchen m 20s BV GF of Hale Markham Political Science Student Short; Blonde; Pretty; at Prescott University, NY
Freda     DS   Maid of Otis Jarrell Leers
Freda     RM   Maid of Lily Rowen  
Free, Cynthia     MB   Actress  
Freebling,     FA   Gazette rep  
Frenkel, Benjamin   young MW   Head of Naylor-Kerr stock dept Bony; dictatorial; stares; tall
Frey, Annabel   a27 BF D-in-law of Sarah Rackham   Beautiful; blue eyes; dainty
Frey, Judith     PY   sec to Reuben Imhof Attractive
Freyer, Albert   40s AD   Lawyer to Peter Hays  
Friend, Al     PY   Play producer  
Frimm, Henry m   EP Loved Mrs Bynoe exec sec of Bynoe Rehabilitation Fund Handsome
Frisbie, Mathias R.     RB TR   assist DA NYC Pompous; "window-dummy"
Fromm, Bernard     DR   Lawyer to David Althaus Hard eyes; long head
Fromm, Damon   d GS H of Laura Fromm Chemical industry  
Fromm [Atherton], Laura c v a30 GS Widow of Damon Fromm   Attractive
Fromm, Miss     CO   sec to Louise Robilotti  
Frost, Andew     FD   Lawyer to Althea Vail Gray hair; makes rash judgments
Frost [Buchan], Calida "Callie" m mid GW RB Widow of Edwin Frost; aunt & "M" of Helen Frost Disinherited by husband Deep direct; eyes; good-looking; proud mouth; straight back
Frost, Dudley   mid RB B of Edwin & F of Llewellyn Frost Trustee for Helen Frost Babbles; booming voice; gray hair; large; off-center nose; trimmed moustache; 200 lbs
Frost, Edwin   d RB H of Calida & B of Dudley Frost; uncle of Llewellyn Frost Disinherits Calida Frost  
Frost, Helen c   RB     See Glennanne McNair
Frost, Llewellyn c 29 RB S of Dudley Frost; loves & marries Glannanne McNair Makes play "Bullets for Breakfast" Big nose; broad jaw; brown eyes; hothead; impetuous; wavy brown hair; 6 feet tall
Furey, Leon   young NE   Hawk killer to Miss Leeds Grins; husky
Furnari,     SM   Artist of Dazzle Dan  
Fuzz, Mr     PG     Code name AG used for Cramer
Fyfe, Bertram v   AW B of David & Paul Fyfe; B of Louise Tuttle; partner of Johnny Arrow Rich prospector Headstrong; from Black Elbow, Canada
Fyfe, David R. c a50 AW B of Bertram & Paul Fyfe; B of Louise Tuttle Head of high school English dept Careful voice; serious; thin
Fyfe, Mr v d AW F of Bertram, David & Paul Fyfe; F of Louise Tuttle    
Fyfe, Paul c   AW B of Bertram & David Fyfe; B of Louise Tuttle Real-estate broker Loudmouth; short; womanizer
Gahagan,     PG   Gazette rep  
Gaines, Theodore c   LM   Banker; LA  
Gale, Dan     WK Uncle of Lila Moyse Mafia agent; owner of pharmacy Glasses; little; pale tight-skinned face
Gallagher, Horny     CK     Sex pervert
Gallant, Alec   mid FM MJ B of Flora Gallant; loves Emmy Thorne Fashion designer Dark curly hair; nervous; wide sweeping forehead
Gallant, Flora   20s FM sis of Alec Gallant at Alec Gallant, Inc French; pretty
Gallant, Flora   mid MJ sis of Alec Gallant at Alec Gallant, Inc Dumpy
Gamm, Theodore     DD   Doctor to Isabel Kerr & Stella Fleming Bald; round everywhere; rude; short; waddles
Gardner, Allan W. c   LM   LA  
Garrou, Marie   50s FA   Maid to Pierre Ducos Double chin; dumpy; gray hair; round face; short
Garth, Tiny     WK   Giants 2nd baseman  
Garvin, Ruth     PY   Runs Collander House Trustworthy
Gebert, Perren v 44 RB Wants to marry Helen Frost Blackmailer; gigalo Darting eyes; Frenchman; member of camelots du roi; slick hair; sneers; thin nose
Geer, Jane   20s HW Ex-fiancee of Peter Root at ad agency Attractive; darting brown eyes; hot head; long bony face
Geiss, Alan     EP   Freelance photog Long bony face
George     SB   Cattle judge Broad shoulders; missing front tooth
Gerley,     TM   British lord  
Gerson, Mr     TC     Cover name on phone for Fred Durkin
Gerster, Julius   mid GS   Jeweler Black hair; tidy face
Getz, Adrian "Squirt" v mid SM Owner of Rookaloo Idea man/owner of Dazzle Dan comic strip Malicious; small; trots
Ghool, Aggie     SM     Character in Dazzle Dan comic strip
Gibson,     MB   PI operative of Ferdinand Dolman "Ape"; cauliflower ear; from Los Angeles, CA
Gil     D   Waiter at Jake's diner  
Gill, Lewis     MB     Pseudonym
Gill, Louis     MB     Pseudonym
Gill, Ted   a30 OB     Broad shoulders; pushed-in nose; vacant look
Gillard, Helen     FD   RN for doctor Vollmer Dark hair; fine frontage
Gilliam, Arthur   d PB F of Sarah Jaffee Production Man at Softdown, Inc  
Gilliam, Sarah     PB     See Sarah Jaffee
Gluck,     PB   NYPD Lt  
Gluekner, Winfold     F RB   Orchid grower from Scarsfale, NY
Goheen, Fifi     HR   Debutant Dark eyes; raucous; rude
Goidell, Helen     WK W of Walt Goidell   Redhead
Goidell, Walt     WK H of Helen Goidell Giants player  
Goldsmith,     F     Case handled by Fletcher Anderson
Goller, Albert     DR TC   Cab driver AG uses Big ears; square face
Goodman,     BT   Major, US Army Intellignece  
Goodwin, Andrew     SC     Cover name AG used at James Sperling home
Goodwin, Archie     All     See Main Characters
Goodwin, James Arner   d MW F of AG; H of Leslie Goodwin   from Canton, Ohio
Goodwin, Leslie   d MW M of AG; W of James Goodwin   from Canton, Ohio
Goodwin, Mrs Titus     SB 1st name used for M of AG    
Goodyear,     BD     Alias AG used to Dazy Perrit
Gore, Bill     Some     See Main Characters
Goren, Anne   young AV Marries Johnny Arrow RN Competent; pretty
Gottlieb,     MW   NYPD Sgt  
Gottlieb, Mr     F   Author of Modern Crime Detection; prof & psychologist  
Gottschalk, Heman     FH   Ex-Man of Dwyer's  
Gould, Harry v   BO Tries to marry Anne Tracy Blackmailer; gardner at Rucker & Dill "A wart"; demanding; handsome; slick hair; vain
Graboff, Ed     CK   Barber at Goldenrod Barder Shop Bets on horses
Graham, Basil     SB   Hustler Affable; pointed nose; sharp eyes; thick hair
Graham, Mr     FD   Banker  
Grant, Helen     AD   sec to doctor Vollmer  
Grant, Mr     TM   Cook at Kanawha Spa, WV Black
Grantham, Arthur   d CO F of Cecil & Celia Grantham; 1st H of Louise Robilotti    
Grantham, Cecil   28 CO S of Arthur Grantham & Louise Robilotti; twin B of Celia Grantham   Mama's boy
Grantham, Celia   28 CO D of Arthur Grantham & Louise Robilotti; twin sis of Cecil Grantham; marries Edwin Laidlaw   Good dancer; likes AG
Grantham, Louise     CO     See Louise Robilotti
Graves, Lon   young F     Jewel thief that AG once chased
Green,     SS   Neurologist  
Green, Alan     DS     Alias AG used at Otis Jarrell penthouse
Green, Arnold     PY   pub at Best & Green  
Green, Mr     OB     Code name AG uses for the alcove picture in Wolfe's office
Greenberg, Hulda     MB      
Gretty   mid SS   Maid to Don O'Neill Square face
Greve, Alma   19 OD D of Carol & Harvey Greve; GF of Gilbert Haight   Deep-set brown eyes; short; stubborn; from Lame Horse, MT
Greve, Carol   mid OD W of Harvey & M of Alma Greve Ex-rodeo star Blunt; from Lame Horse, MT
Greve, Harvey   mid OD RM H of Carol & F of Alma Greve Man of Lily Rowen MT ranch; ex-rodeo star from Lame Horse, MT
Grier,     WW   NYPD detective  
Griffin,     GS   NYPD Sgt  
Griffin,     SS     Attempted to frame doctor Vollmer on malpractice suit
Griffin, H.L.     JP   Food & wine importer Bad eye; long narrow chin; skinny runt
Grimes, Elise     MW   at Naylor-Kerr, Inc 150 lbs
Griswold, Mr     SC   Radio commercial announcer  
Groll, Joe   young IE Loves Helen Vardis Blaney & Poor factory foreman Handsome; intelligent
Groom, Leon     MD   Capt of police detectives at Albany, NY Grizzled hair; long narrow face
Grove, Leon     MD   Man of Alberto Mion Fat; high tenor; shifty black eyes; short legs
Gruber, Eleanor   young MB   sec to Louis Kustin Beautiful
Grummon, Miss     GS   Wholesale jewelry buyer  
Gumpert, Mrs     MA   Herald Tribune fashion critic  
Gunther, Alex     TB     Alias AG used in Italy & Yugoslavia
Gunther, Phoebe v 27 SS AG loved her Confidential sec to Cheney Boone Beautiful; blonde; blue eyes; intelligent
Gunther, Carl     TB     Alias Wolfe used in Italy & Yugoslavia
Gurran,     SC   assist DA from Westchester Co, NY
Guthrie, Lena     MH fd of Lucy Valdon    
Gyger,     WW   Medical examiner from New City, NY