Death of a Dude
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Story Information:
First Composed: 1968
First Published: 1969
Location: Montana and New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Unidentified young woman (St. Louis, Missouri)
Murderer: Carl Yaeger
Motive: Unspecified
Weapon: Strangled with belt
Client: None
Fee: None

Victim #2: Philip Brodell (on Lily Rowen's Montana ranch)
Murderer: Carl Yaeger
Motive: Recognized Yaeger as Missouri woman murderer
Weapon: Rifle (in shoulder & neck)
Client: Lily Rowen
Fee: Archie returns with Wolfe to New York

Victim #3: Sam Peacock
Murderer: Carl Yaeger
Motive: Suspected Yaeger of murder
Weapon: Rock (several times to head)
Client: None
Fee: None

Story Synopsis:
      When Archie Goodwin gets embroiled in a Montana murder and informs his boss that he won't be back home for an undetermined time, Nero Wolfe becomes desperate enough to arrive at Lily Rowen's ranch and expose the triple murderer. He even goes out in the rain to see suspects. This is great fun for Stout fans.
Death of a Dude
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