Switzerland: Mountain Wonderland
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Lesson: Mountain Wonderland

Setting the scene:

      The family departs Germany by train. They use public transportation to various locations in the Alps. Maria welcomes them at the train station in Zürich.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Maria; Mel; Mom; Wes
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    Maria:       Welcome to Switzerland, my friends. We are most pleased to greet you.

    Dad:       Hello, Maria. Are the computer students all hyped for the course work?

    Maria:       Ja [German for "yes"], I believe so. They are excited to learn.

    Mom:       Hello, Maria. it's nice to see you again. Let me introduce you to our children, Mel and Wes.

    Maria:       I am pleased to know you both.

    Wes:       Hiya, Maria. Whaddaya [what do you] got fer [for] us that's exciting?

    Mel:       Don't let Wes rattle you, Maria. He's just teasing.

    Maria:       [Laughing] The thought crossed my mind. Wes, would you enjoy riding a mountain tram? We might even see an Alpine ibex.

    Wes:       Cool, let's go! Whadder [what are] we waiting for?

    Mom:       Hold your horses, son. We have a few things to prepare.

    Wes:       Sorry, Mom. Sometimes I jump the gun.

    Mom:       Well, I understand. You're not in the doghouse.

    [They gather jackets for the cool mountain air. Maria leads the way.]

    Mel:       Maria, can we see the Matterhorn? I've been itching to see it ever since I saw the Disney movie, "Third Man on the Mountain."

    Maria:       Certainly. That mountain is near Zermatt. We can take a train and be there early in the afternoon. It is a beautiful site.

    Dad:       That's right. Look, we're already in Thun. I don't work on Friday. Maria already booked us on a special ride.

    [Friday morning finally arrives. The family follows Maria's directions and they wait with a few other passengers in front of a post office.]

    Mel:       What are we waiting for, Dad?

    Dad:       The Post Bus. I read about this in a travel magazine. It delivers the mail, but also takes passengers through Furka Pass. Maria and I thought you would like the ride.

    Wes:       Neat! I'm gonna [going to] enjoy this.

    Mel:       Ditto. What else can we see on the ride?

    Dad:       A glacier high in the Pass.

    Mom:       Switzerland most definitely is a mountain wonderland! It's too bad we must leave so soon.

    Dad:       I agree, but won't let anyone see me with a hangdog look. I plan to just coast along today. We can visit Lake Lucerne tomorrow prior to departure from the airport in Bern.

    [The family returns to the United States for a trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Click here to see the following story: Bayou Sea Turtle.]

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