Louisiana: Bayou Sea Turtle
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Lesson: Bayou Sea Turtle

Setting the scene:

      The family visits Lake Charles, a town in southwest Louisiana. Mel and Wes meet two teenagers while they fish in a bayou.

People in This Story:
  • Bubba (teenage boy); Delia (teenage girl); Mel; Wes
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    Wes:       What a drag! There's nothing to do here. This is the pits!

    Mel:       It's certainly not much of a place. Dad and Mom are content to gab with old friends. But this is a dump for us. Whadaya wanna do? [What do you want to do?]

    Wes:       Guess we can get some gear and go fishing. Dad said he used to do that in Contraband Bayou.

    Mel:       I suppose it's better than sitting on our thumbs.

    Wes:       Yeah, but not by much.

    [The two gather fishing rods, hooks and a wicker creel to hold any fish they catch. They also get a jar of worms for bait. They then walk about 100 yards [approximately 30 meters] to the bayou.
          Two teenagers are fishing near the bayou bank. A boy is sitting down, with a fishing line already in the water. A redheaded girl stands near him. She throws a small rock in the water.]

    Bubba:       Hey, girl. Stop messing around! You'll scare the fish.

    Delia:       [Laughing] Fat chance, Bubba. You've been here almost an hour and ain't [have not] caught any yet.

    Bubba:       Don't you go mean-mouthing me, Delia!

    Delia:       [She notices Mel and Wes coming close.] Hello. Haven't seen you two around before. Did you just move in?

    Mel:       No, we just came for a visit and decided to go fishing.

    Wes:       What's up? My name's Wes and this is my sister, Mel. You getting any action?

    Bubba:       Not much. My name's Bubba and this is Delia, my kid sister. We live in the white brick house over yonder. This bayou is a fine place to fish. Just not having much luck today.

    Mel:       Say, Delia. Do you actually like to fish? I'm afraid that I'll be bored out of my gourd.

    Delia:       [Laughing] I hear you! But at times we see something worthwhile. Besides, it's pretty and peaceful here.

    Mel:       Too humid and hot, though. [Peers at an object in the bayou.] What do suppose that is? It's moving this way.

    Delia:       Not sure, yet. Bubba, What's that in the bayou?

    Bubba:       Huh? Well, I'll be! It's a sea turtle! Must be lost and trying to find the Gulf of Mexico. This is great! Hurry up and get the boat! We can catch it.

    [The four friends quickly climb into a row boat and paddle to the large sea turtle. Bubba slips a small rope around the turtle.]

    Wes:       What a ride! That turtle is strong enough to pull your boat, Bubba. How far do you think it'll take us?

    Bubba:       Probably all the way to the Gulf. But, I'll cut us loose at the first dock we see. That'll be in about ten minutes at this speed.

    Mel:       Good, we don't want to hurt the turtle. Let it go free.

    [The turtle swims steadily for about 10 minutes. Bubba then cuts the rope and the friends paddle to a nearby dock on the Bayou bank. They watch the sea turtle continue swimming south.]

    Bubba:       That was fun! Wes, do you want to help me catch a few water moccasins?

    Wes:       I'd like to but we have to head back now. Thanks for the swell time!

    Bubba:       You're welcome. Glad to know you both. Bye.

    Mel:       Goodbye. [Mel and Wes walk back up the road.] Wes, what do you think of that?

    Wes:       Terrific! Most fun we've had here in Lake Charles.

    [Friends invite the family to visit them in New Orleans. Click here to see the following story: Madi Gras.]

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