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Lesson: British Museum in London

Setting the scene:

      The family arrives in London. Once again they have a weekend to enjoy sightseeing. They likewise hope to visit many locations in the United Kingdom, whether on this trip or on a subsequent visit. Naturally, Dad is interested in English history.

People in This Story:
  • Dad; Danny; Mel; Mom; Wes
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    Dad:       We finally made it to London. Of course, I must wander through the British Museum. We can stop at other locations on the way.

    Mel:       I can zero in on one now, Dad. Why don't you and Wes stand over there and I'll take a picture of you in front of Buckingham Palace.

    Wes:       Hold up a minute, Mel. I need to tuck in my shirt first.

    [A local fellow named Danny notices the family and speaks to Mom.]

    Danny:    Good morning. Do you yanks require assistance? My name is Danny and I am pleased to direct you blokes to London's many sites.

    Mom:       That's very kind of you, Danny. We hope to see Westminster and the Thames River.

    Danny:    How fortunate. I am going in the same direction. Please follow me.

    Wes:       Who's this fella?

    Mom:       Danny volunteered to show some city landmarks. So, let's be polite to him.

    Wes:       Give me five and thanks for the help! London is a facinating city.

    Mel:       I want a close-up view of Tower Bridge and Dad probably would enjoy an inside view of the Tower of London.

    Danny:    I suggest that your father take an opportunity to chat with a Beefeater there. That is a term for the Tower guards.

    [Eventually, Dad leads the family to the museum. They generally are bored after inspecting exhibits for several hours.]

    Dad:       Look, this is fantastic! This Sumerian artifact is in excellent condition after thousands of years!

    Mel:       Dad, we know that you go bonkers about old things, such as the Rosetta Stone. But we're hungry. Can we go now?

    Dad:       Oops, sorry about that. I'll come back another day. We can eat fish and chips at a place near here.

    [The following week, Dad rents a car and drives the family to various historical sites in southern and central England. Click here to see the following story: Visit to Stonehenge.]

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