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Children's Story: Games:
  • Trucker Bill & Tim Across the USA

  • History/Translation:
  • Empires of the World
  • History of North Thailand
  • Reading and Writing Thai Script
  • Thai-U.S. Relations: A New Era
       (Master of Arts Thesis)
  • Battle Ball
  • Exodus 1847
  • Salamis
  • Shopping Game
  • Title of Liberty
    Movie Scripts: Novels/Plays/Short Stories:
  • Land of Smiles
  • Temple of the Golden Egg
  • Translation of "Box Jellyfish"
       (Chiang Mai University/Thailand Film)

  • Coumputer Work:
  • C Language Programming
  • Dreamweaver/Fireworks Comp-2280
  • HTML Comp-2276
  • HTML Writing Guide
  • Javascript
  • Web Page Standards
  • Unix Simplified Guide
  • Alma the Prophet
  • Condone/Condine
  • Desperado Corners
  • Kemal's Kountry Korner
  • Log on Odysseus
  • Maui Bandit
  • Old Mill Field

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