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Story Information:
Nero Wolfe: Complete Series (DVD TV Collection)
First Composed: 1956
First Published: 1956
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Michael Molloy (in NYC home)
Murderer: Patrick Degan
Motive: Cover up his fraud
Weapon: .38 pistol (in head)
Client: James R. Herold (hired to find his son)
Fee: $16,666.66 ($3,000 retainer)

Victim #2: Johnny Keems (on NYC Riverside Drive)
Murderer: Patrick Degan
Motive: Had information that Degan was a murderer
Weapon: Car into body
Client: James R. Herold
Fee: $16,666.66 to Keems family

Victim #3: Ella Reyes (on NYC Harlem River bank)
Murderer: Patrick Degan
Motive: Afraid she had information that he was a murderer
Weapon: Wooden club to head
Client: James R. Herold
Fee: $16,666.67 to Reyes' mother

Victim #4: Delia Brandt (in her NYC apartment)
Murderer: Patrick Degan
Motive: She tried to blackmail him
Weapon: Strangled with cord
Client: None
Fee: None

Story Synopsis:
      Archie Goodwin pressures Nero Wolfe into proving that a client's estranged son was framed for murder. They keep a woman in the brownstone until Wolfe can acquire enough evidence to end the murder spree. Archie and Saul Panzer strip a corpse to find a key vital to the case.
Might as Well Be Dead
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