Murder in the Ball Park
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Story Information:
First Composed: 2014
First Published: 2014
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan
Writer: Robert Goldsborough

Victim #1: Orson Milbank
Murderer: Richard Thompson
Motive: Hired to murder Mona Fentress
Weapon: M2 Garand rifle bullet to head
Client: Elise DeVal
Fee: Large amount; $50,000 reward from "New York Daily News"

Victim #2: Richard Thompson (suicide)
Murderer: Charles Fentress (encouraged the suicide)
Motive: Prevent exposing Fentress role in a murder
Weapon: pistol bullet to head
Client: none
Fee: none

Story Synopsis:
      Robert Goldsborough story #9 about Nero Wolfe's continued exploits. Dialog throughout the book was forced and reflected Goldsborough's pomposity more than any of his previous Wolfe entries. It was a chore to finish reading the story.
      Archie Goodwin and Saul Panzer witness the murder of New York state senator Orson Milbank while watching a Giants-Dofgers baseball game at the Polo Grounds on Flag Day, 14 June 1955. Nero Wolfe reluctantly accepts the high-profile case and earns the ire of Inspector Cramer and police honchos. He exposes Milbank's death as a botched attempt to murder an ambitious wife.
Murder in the Ball Park
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