Over My Dead Body
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Story Information:
A&E Nero Wolfe Series (DVD Movie Collection)
Nero Wolfe: Rome Series (DVD Italian Collection)
First Composed: 1938
First Published: 1939
Location: New York City
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Percy Ludlow (in NYC Miltan fencing school)
Murderer: Vladanka Donevitch
Motive: He knew of Donevitch's secret international deal
Weapon: Col de mort on an epee (through heart)
Client: Wolfe's adopted daughter, Anna Wolfe (hired to clear her of larceny)
Fee: None (fulfill an obligation to his adopted daughter)

Victim #2: Rudolph Faber (in Donevitch NYC apartment)
Murderer: Vladanka Donevitch
Motive: Political intrigue
Weapon: Knife (in heart)
Client: None
Fee: None

Story Synopsis:
      Nero Wolfe violates his plant schedule to clear his adopted daughter of larceny and murder charges in this case chock-full of political intrigue. He saves his own life by bashing Donevitch with beer bottles, killing her in his office. Inspector Cramer blusters and fumes from frustration at being handicapped in the case by higher authorities. Wolfe bravely turns down an offer of $10,000 from an international financier.
Over My Dead Body
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