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Story Information:
Alternate Title: More Deaths Than One (United Kingdom)
First Composed: 1948
First Published: 1948
Location: New York City & Westchester County
Wolfe's Brownstone: Click to View Floorplan

Victim #1: Lawrence Koppel
Murderer: Madeline Fraser
Motive: Not specified
Weapon: Cyanide
Client: None
Fee: None

Victim #2: Cyril Orchard (on NYC radio program)
Murderer: Madeline Fraser
Motive: He was blackmailing Fraser
Weapon: Poison in bottled soft drink
Client: Madeline Fraser and her sponsors
Fee: $20,000

Victim #3: Beula Poole (in NYC)
Murderer: Madeline Fraser
Motive: She was blackmailing Fraser
Weapon: Pistol (in back of the head)
Client: None
Fee: None

Victim #4: Deborah Koppel
Murderer: Madeline Fraser
Motive: Suspected Fraser of killing her brother
Weapon: Cyanide in candy
Client: None
Fee: None

Story Synopsis:
      Nero Wolfe is hard pressed to solve a multiple murder case even with the assistance of Inspector Cramer's army poking into every conceivable hole. In a rare mood of candor Wolfe gives Cramer all the facts he has early in the case, then relaxes while the police do his work. Archie Goodwin becomes so riled that he devises a way to get the "Gazette" to write an editorial criticizing Wolfe. The two sleuths are so stymied that Sergeant Stebbins laughs at their not knowing the whereabouts of two clients. The dismal situation is compounded by a phone call from Arnold Zeck, the criminal mastermind who occasionally warns Wolfe to steer clear of his operations. But Wolfe shrugs off the threat and exposes the culprit in a fast moving finish.
And Be a Villain
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